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Dignified and Redifined.
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30th-Dec-2013 04:24 pm - FRIENDS ONLY
I am not aware of where I get most of my userpics from, I do not take note of it, if you see that I am using one of yours, please message me and I will be glad to credit you for your hard work...if anything else..this journal is:

FO Banner credit to fucker_graphics
22nd-Dec-2007 03:21 am - Hmph...
It appears I have a bit of a trolling problem...so...from now on...ALL of the entries (except this one) are going to be FO, COMMENTS WILL BE SCREENED, and trolly_j, AS WELL AS adropofstupid are BANNED from commenting, Comments will be screened if you are not on my flist....That is all.

Time to troll the trolls, hm?

This is what you get for fucking with my friends mother fuckers.

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